• With Halloween upon us we reflect on some of the spookier street names across the nation. There is definitely a few street names out there that could make the hair stand up on the back of your neck on a cold and dark night (like Giants Grave Road or Coffin Close) but do these names have more intrigue than spook factor for home buyers?
  • Across close to 200 transactions on streets with a Halloween ring to them, the average price was £296,000. This compares with the latest average house price of £226,000 across the UK. These spooky names appear more appealing than we might think!
  • Lucky for some: maybe we don’t get too superstitious either. There were close to 9,000 transactions for ‘number 13’ properties over the last year. The average price of these properties was £260,000, again higher than the national average.
  • Let’s embrace intriguing names and the number 13!

Dan Hopkins

Working with property professionals for over 20 years providing advice and services to all property investors.


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