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How have the markets changed?

  • A review of selected market indicators since the UK’s referendum on EU membership, show that house prices across England and Wales have risen by 10%. A buyer now requires over £22,000 more to purchase now than they did back in June 2016. Double digit growth is evident in half of all regions across England and Wales. In contrast, price growth across London has been just 1.4%.
  • Housebuilder share prices have experienced mixed fortunes over the past two and a half years. On average they remain slightly lower than before the vote, but share prices of all major housebuilders are currently higher than at the start of the year.
  • Exchange rates remain considerably lower than prior to the EU Referendum vote. 2019 has proved a volatile year, rates plummeting to new lows in July. However, compared to the start of 2019, sterling has made some ground against both the euro and the US$.
  • The FTSE 250 has remained the strongest performer since the Referendum. It has gained ground over 2019, although remains 3.9% lower than its peak in June 2018.

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