renting in wales

Who is Renting in Wales

As a growing proportion of the population is living in rental property, there is keen interest in understanding the preferences and priorities of renters. We analysed properties let over the past six months in Wales and looked at what type of property different household types tend to choose. Over this Read more…

Family Values

Estimates recently published in the ONS’ survey on ‘Families and Households: 2017’ show that the number of families in the UK have increased by 8.1% over the last ten years to 18,997,000. Married couples and those living in civil partnerships are the most dominant group, with civil partnerships driving the Read more…

3% Stamp Duty

According to new data released by HMRC, 86,400 properties (or 19.5% of all transactions) have been subject to the 3% levy for additional homes since its introduction on 1st April. This has netted the Treasury a cool £670 million in additional taxation. Dan Hopkins