Cardiff and Wales rental gains

National Market Review

Property Prices The average price of UK property rose by just 0.7% in the year to October to £232,944. Property price growth is currently highest across Wales and Yorkshire and the Humber. Rightmove predicts that the price of property coming to market in Britain will rise by 2% during 2020. Read more…

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Buy Your Uni Home

One in five students choose to live at home, a figure that has remained unchanged over the past three years. One in six however (17%) now live in their own residence (a property which may be owned or rented by them), up from 15% in 2014/15

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Top Tips For Property Flipping !

Top Tips For Property Flipping!   I previously talked about achieving an extra 12% premium for your property value through modern design. I wanted to expand on some tips for those of you entering into the development market. I often have budding new property investors into the office every week Read more…