Cardiff, the Capital City of Wales.

With Cardiff being one of the fastest growing cities with population and investment, now is a good time to look under the bonnet and see what Cardiff is made of?

Perhaps you’re looking to invest in Cardiff, start a business, or looking to buy and sell property here. So let’s look at what you’re getting.

In 2011 there were 345,700 people living within Cardiff. The overall population increased by 13.1% in the ten years between 2001 and 2011. There are 24.3 residents per hectare which is a higher population density than across the region of Wales as a whole.
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20.2% of the population are aged between 30 and 44 which is above the Welsh average. 32.1% of households comprise just one person while 33% of households include families with children.
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The most predominant industry of employment is Public admin, education & health which comprises 34% of the working age population. Amazingly during the working day, the population of Cardiff increases by 11.4%.


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The majority of people commuting to work in Cardiff go by car. However, interestingly more residents walk to work in Cardiff than those using the bus (10.1%) and train (3.3%) combined. Only 3.7% of people cycle to work, however this is due to increase significantly due to the new installment of Next bikes throughout the city.


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