A typical landlord selling a rental property in England & Wales last year made an on average gross gain of £79,770.

Figures from the latest index by Hamptons International show that 85% of landlords made a gross gain when selling a rental property. However, 15% of landlords made a loss.

London landlords made the biggest gains with approx three times the gain than that of landlords in the rest of England and Wales. However, London landlords made approx £24,000 less than in 2017.

Wales rental properties were again strong with typical gains being about £5,340.

North East of England were worst off in the index where landlords were more likely to sell their BTL’s for less than they paid for it last year.

The index also reported that rental growth rose 2.1% in Great Britain during April, the highest rate since January 2018. Rents rose across every region, with London being the highest.

Rents in Wales have typically increased about 1.63% over the last 12 months while rents in Cardiff increased about 1.4%

Cardiff change in average rents

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