Cardiff property selling faster than before

Newly listed Cardiff properties are flying off the shelves. The majority (78%) of agents in the latest Dataloft subscriber poll said that homes, once listed, are selling in less than 28 days.

22% of agents state the majority of homes are selling in less than a week, Zoopla reporting the number of homes selling within the first week of marketing is currently at its highest ever level.

At 45 days, the average time taken to sell a property across the UK in April is a record low (Rightmove) and is 16 days quicker than the April average of 62 days (2015–2019).

If you would like help or advice in selling a property please do get in touch. Remember, when demand is high, make sure you use an experienced agent who will negotiate the best price for you. If you use an agent that you pre pay (get paid whether they sell your property or not), you have to ask yourself, what incentive do they have to work hard and get you the best price. In what could seem like a saving £’s could actually lose you more on the actual sales price. An experienced agent could be making you an extra £10k – £20k on sales price.

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